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For a start, we're focusing on interview prep for finance (Sales and Trading tract)

Lectures & Reading

Discover Concepts

Learn advanced concepts through lectures or reading. Concepts will have the depth of a textbook, but will also be simple and relevant.

Interactive Content

Apply your learning

Apply what you have learned with interactive content. You will match up content, perform analysis, and do simulations of real events.


Assess your compentency

Test yourself with quizzes to check your progress. Grasp concepts deeply through making mistakes in quizzes and learning from feedback.

New Classes


Financial Ratios

How to pitch a stock

Learn how to calculate the key financial ratios from the balance sheet. Discover how they can be useful when learning how to pitch a stock. One of the most important ways to analyze a company.


Crisis and Regulation

Story of our Financial crisis

Learn the most important pieces behind the 2008 financial crisis and the subsequent economic downturn. Play with your knowledge through a simulation and match up.


Understanding Derivatives

options, futures, and swaps

Learn the basics of options, futures, swaps. Discover why they are important to our financial system. Complete a quiz to assess your understanding.